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Bubble Football in London and More

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Bubble Football London and 4 Other Unusual Sports You Can Play In The Capital

London is well known for the ingenuity of its inhabitants. They’ll create new and exciting sports, using nothing more than what’s available to them in the city.

Do you live in London, or looking to visit soon?

Why not make your visit interesting by trying out one of the following unusual sports?

Whether you try hashing with your mates, or bounce around playing bubble football – London, you’re sure to find something exciting.

  1. Rollerskiing

Sure, you could go abroad and go skiing on snow, but why do that when you can go rollerskiing right at home?

This technique was used in the 1950’s as a training technique, and is now a sport in its own right.

All you need is a can do attitude, as the organisers will lend you the skis and the roller skis to try in the park.

A word to the wise though, you may want to invest in some kneepads. Falling on tarmac is a lot harder than falling on snow.

  1. Free running

Free running became a phenomenon when it began to be shown in TV shows and online.

It may look easy, but you’ll want to hunt out a professional group to train you in the art of parkour.

Once you get the basics down, you’ll be able to move through your environment in a much more dynamic way.

Why just walk to work when you can run across rooftops?

  1. Hashing

Hashing is running with a difference. That difference is the involvement of pubs.

This is essentially going for a cross country run to a pub, having started out from another pub.

There’s lots of inner city routes, and you can go in fancy dress if you’d like to. It’s a great sport to take part in with a big group of friends.

  1. Bubble football

Ever played football in a Zorb ball? That’s essentially what bubble football is. You wear a Zorb ball over your upper body, and play a version of five a side football.

Regular tackling isn’t allowed, so instead you can stop your opponents by bouncing into them in your ball.

It’s a wacky, daft and hilarious take on football, and perfect for getting your friends together.

  1. Street golf

You don’t need to hit the links to play golf. In fact, you don’t need to go anywhere near the golf club at all. Instead, why not play golf in the streets of London?

There’s a few groups that get together and create courses using London’s unique architecture.

If you want to try golf, but are put off by the elitism of regular golf, why not give this a try?

If you’re thinking about trying bubble football – London, give us a call at Zorbing Hire UK.

We can bring the bubble football to you, all you need is a group of friends and a desire to try something new.

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