Combat Archery Tag

Zorbing hire UK are proud to bring to you Combat Archery Tag using the latest equipment for an action packed Adrenalin fun game for all ages and abilities.


How Does Combat Archery Tag Work?

Two equal teams in terms of players face off across the purpose built field, separated by a neutral zone. Each team has 5 specially designed bunkers, with 5 target cones each holding a ball, placed in front of each bunker.

The objectives to the game are:

  • Score Points – 30 points for an eliminated player and 50 points for a targeted cone. Scores are recorded by Umpires for each game
  • Catch an arrow, to bring one of your eliminated players back in to the game
  • The game ends as a result of either all team members being eliminated, all 5 cones having been hit or the time runs out.


If there are numerous teams, the event will be ran as matches with the winning team proceeding through to the next round, resulting in an eventual winner. A match is made up of 5 games.

Types Of Combat Archery Games

Games include, Capture the Flag, Battle Zone, Archery Dodge, Kamikaze Run, Last Man Standing and many more. We have games to cater for all age ranges.

Combat Archery Tag Safety

We take your safety seriously! Each player will wear a safety mask for added protection to the head and arm and finger guards are provided to all players, body protectors are available if necessary.

Our Combat Archery Equipment

All equipment has been specially designed for the games. The Archery arrows have a round rubber tip, which absorb the impact when it hits a player. The Archery bows are made of flexible material which is difficult to break; no other type of bow can be used for the game.

Combat Archery is £300 per hour

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