Crazy Sand

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Crazy Sand

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Crazy Sand Parties

How do you keep 30 children amused and entertained at your next big event without driving yourself crazy? Can you set your celebration apart with something truly original without breaking the bank?

The answer is Crazy Sand! Crazy Sand is a fun craft activity designed for maximum enjoyment. This activity involves bottles of brightly coloured sand that can be used in any way your child’s imagination can come up with. It’s fun, safe and great to watch too.

Crazy Sand sparks the imagination of children of all ages. Simply pick out and fill one of our specially designed plastic bottles with vibrant coloured sand to create a unique piece of art that you take home as a souvenir. Children will fill their sand bottle how they like, letting their creativity flow.

Once it’s finished, it’s theirs to keep forever!

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Crazy Sand tent

Crazy Sand Tent


Crazy Sand Table

A Crazy Sand Table


Lots of Bottles to Choose From

Lots of Bottles to Choose From


Totally Self-Contained

Totally Self-Contained

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What’s Included In This Activity?

With ten different bottle designs to choose from, there’s something for everyone. Even adults enjoy the opportunity to bring out their creative side! Crazy Sand is a tried and tested hit at fund raising and charity events, children’s birthday parties, weddings, birthdays and many other gatherings. If you need to entertain children in a safe environment then this is the activity for you!

  • We supply everything needed to offer this innovative attraction:
  • 10 different brightly coloured sand bottles
  • Also 10 assorted bottle designs (including animals and necklaces)
  • Tables and bowls to keep things nice and tidy

Crazy Sand Prices

Package prices start from only £275 with 50 bottles and £375 with 100 bottles (subject to location). Add a touch of colour and creativity to your next event with Crazy Sand. A classic activity that’s simple but fantastic fun for everyone.

Other Childrens Party Ideas

Maybe this isn’t quite what your looking for? Well don’t you worry we have plenty of other ideas. What about playing football in a giant bubble or racing your friends in a giant zorb ball? We also do activities other than zorbing too – such as assault course racing and bungee trampolining.

Contact ZorbingHire UK today on 020 3633 2155 for Crazy Sand experiences your kids will never forget!

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