Foot Darts Magic

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Foot Darts Magic

[/custom_headline][rev_slider_vc alias=”foot-darts”][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row class=”land_cont”][vc_column width=”1/1″][text_output]Foot Darts is where football and darts are mashed together. A great leisure activity.

The aim of the game is for you to use the rules of a conventional dart game, however instead of throwing a dart, you kick a football at a giant Velcro inflatable soccer dart-board. Just like darts, loads of different games can be played using the equipment, for brilliant fun!

This activity has become addictive, taking the UK by storm!

Foot Darts is a combination of the beautiful game and the British pub classic. Foot Darts is a must try activity for your event or activity day.

We believe our foot darts is one of the best on the market, an inflatable target with a Velcro dart board. Foot Dart balls are lighter than normal balls, so that they stick better upon impact with the board, but not too light, providing great control.

With our set-up you’ll have loads of fun and excitement trying to score the most points than your opponents. It’s a fantastic game to end a hard season of sport at local club, and a great way to raise the money needed for deserving causes.

Setting the spot kick at different distances from the board allows younger and people of differing abilities to play on a level playing field. Everyone can enjoy Foot Darts[/text_output][text_output]

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