Combat Archery Essex

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Combat Archery Essex


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Combat Archery Essex Venue

Do you ever have your own version of Groundhog Day and you really fancy a change?  Or maybe you just fancy a bit of fun to liven things up a little? Well we have just the thing!  Combat Archery in Essex is such good fun that we have all manner of people coming here regularly to ‘destroy’ their loved ones or colleagues in friendly fire.  

It’s a great way of switching off from everything – we all know that exercise gives you a dose of happy hormones and laughter really is the best medicine too.  If anyone you know is getting as highly strung as one of our bows they need Combat Archery. Perfect for Stag and Hen Do’s, Corporate Team Building Days or maybe just some family fun our ‘aim’ is to get you all laughing and creating memories that last for decades.  Our groups often arrive having no idea what’s in store for them and then can’t wait to come back for more!

How Does Combat Archery Work?

But let’s hold fire for a moment – we’ve not even told you how the games work yet… First of all don’t panic – this is no Hunger Games with real arrows it’s all totally safe.  We provide all players with safety masks, arm and finger guards, the bows are flexible so that they don’t break and the arrows used are designed with rubber tips to absorb the impact.

In each game there are two teams of players ready.  Each team has 5 bunkers to protect within the battleground with a neutral zone in the middle.  The bunkers have a cone on them with a ball balancing on top and whichever team knocks the ball off all of their oppositions cone’s first, is the winner of the game.  Your job is to work as a team to perfect your invasion whilst protecting your own bunkers! [/text_output]


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Types Of Combat Archery Games

There are 12 bunkers awaiting your imagination and strategy, 5 archers on each team and 30 arrows – add your strategy, bravery and occasional moments of lunacy to the foray and you have Combat Archery!  To keep it interesting for all, there are a range of games to play such as: [/text_output]


  • Elimination,
  • Capture the Flag



  • Protect the King
  • Fortnite Archery 



  • Build your own forts to go into battle!
  • Dodgeball Archery



  • Folly Arrows 
  • And much more!



Combat Archery Essex Prices

The games last approximately 5 minutes, until the game is won or until all team members have been eliminated. We can also rotate the games so it allows us here at Combat Archery in Essex to deal with much larger groups – perfect for corporate team building events.  If you’re looking at how long you’ll need to allow for your games, the following timescales will help you gauge how long your group will need depending on its size:

  • If you book a 1 hour slot for £350 you can have up to 20 people.
  • A 90 minute slot for £450 means you can have up to 30 people
  • A 2 hour slot for £500 is up to 40 people.

Contact Us Today

You don’t need any experience in archery to be able to play Combat Archery and it’s great fun for all abilities and ages over 10. Our team are always happy to help with your questions or to get your group booked in.  We also have shower facilities and a bar so your group can continue their fun and plan the next onslaught! So who’s game? Time to get all a quiver with excitement as you brace yourself to take out your target…  ok so maybe we’re getting a little carried away here but we know just how much fun can be had at the hand of a rubber arrow![/text_output]


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