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Zorbing Hire UK is the leading supplier to the UK Zorbing industry, and have a host of well-known clients (e.g. Butlins, to name just one). The company were the first to bring Zorbing to the UK and from that time to now we have always carried out extensive research into all new materials and products as they become available.

This constant attention detail means that we supply ONLY the very highest quality equipment available in the UK. Part of the reason that we insist upon our quality control being so stringent is that as well as selling our products, we also operate our equipment all year round and, naturally, we want to be using equipment that is second to none. Equipment that won’t fail us when we need it the most. Consequently we are very proud of the fact that no other company can claim to match either our knowledge or experience.

Our Zorbing Equipment Promise

The Zorbing hire market can be very difficult for new owner / operators entering into it. Unfortunately some people choose to buy the cheapest quick set-up equipment without any thought as to quality. This is a false economy which becomes apparent only too soon when these inferior products quickly become damaged and unusable, forcing the new company out of business very quickly.

However, as the UK’s leading supplier,  Zorbing Hire UK is able to offer a warranty on all our equipment that goes beyond anything offered by every other company. This warranty covers repairs and replacements of any faulty equipment, giving you complete peace of mind.

How can we do this? Quite simply because of the quality of our products!

  • We ONLY supply the very best commercial-grade TPU plastic balls available.
  • All our harnesses are heavy duty. Unlike cheaper, inferior products they won’t rip off after a couple of uses.
  • Our handles are soft fabric – not hard plastic, which can be dangerous as they can hit players in the face, causing injury.
  • We use shut-off valves that cut off airflow the instant you remove the pump out. Inferior, cheaper models have threaded valves so a degree of air loss is inevitable.

We are also not just about Zorbs and Zorbing.  We also supply many other indoor and outdoor leisure activities which will make your party or event go with a bang!

Have a look at some of these:




Our Business Zorbing Start Up Package

And because we buy our products in bulk, we are in the unique position of offering these high-quality products at substantially lower prices than anyone else. The total price of the package comes to £3850 which includes:

  • 11 x 1.5m TPU plastec Zorb balls
  • start up kit bag ( pumps-extension lead-first aid kits-repair kits-accident books-waiver forms-briefing sheets-training forms-check sheets-ice packs-football)
  • Delivery
  • 1 years warranty
  • 24/7 support from our team ( we are always on the phone to guild you in anyway we can)

Contact Us Today

And to ensure your new business gets off to the very best start, when you buy a package from us we will be happy to assist you by gladly sharing all our years of experience and knowledge with you. Something no other company can offer. Additionally, we also pass on work to our agents in return for just a 10% commission fee!

To get the ball rolling (pardon the pun), give us a call TODAY on 020 3633 2155 and let us know what equipment you’re going to need, and which age group(s) you’ll be serving and we’ll be happy to quickly put a quote together for you that we know you’ll like.

Don’t forget to come and see us on FACEBOOK and TWITTER.

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