About Us

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About Us

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Zorbs and Zorbing

We provide a combination of various outdoor and leisure activity products and create fun events all around the country.

These include Bubble Football and Zorb Football, Body Zorbing, Zorb Racing and lots more.

Therefore for a truly original, inspiring and insane day out, a session of Bubble Football or another of our fun leisure activities cannot be beaten!

All our activities provide a unique experience for adults and children alike.

What’s so great about our activities is that there is no age limit because anyone can try, from children to grandparents as well as everyone in-between.

So everyone will enjoy our superb, fun and creative activities.  Contact us and give it a try!

Leisure Activities – Hire Us For Events

In addition to personal events we are specialisists in corporate events too.  The corporate events include – bubble football leagues, team building exercises, children’s parties, weddings, stag and hen nights and charity events. Consequently we know we can provide you with an super event. Which as a result is fun and provides a great experience.

Our activities are so good we have also been hired for fitness activities.  This is because these activities give all round exercise to both muscles and lungs.

The impressive thing about all of our activities is that it can be used by anyone, anywhere!

What are Zorbs?  Zorbs were invented in New Zealand.  See more information HERE

Visit us on our social pages:  FACEBOOKTWITTER

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Our Location

Based in Essex we will travel the country to bring our fun and creative activities experience to everybody.

The UK Zorbing scene has gained speed rapidly with Zorb football and Bubble Football being the most popular activities we’re asked for. A Zorbs ball has been recognised as something that offers great fun in complete safety, things that are in short supply in many other activities.

We only use best quality equipment with fully trained staff to ensure you have the best experience possible.

Our equipment is changed every 3 months to ensure a faultless performance every time and is carefully maintained to ensure maximum enjoyment. Consequently this ensures all of the balls are always clear and transparent and that they perform at their best.

All you need to enjoy these fun activities is a flat piece of land around 20m x 12m in size and lots of friends.

Just leave the rest to us!

Get In Touch Today

Call us on 020 3633 2155 and book a great experience today! Happy Zorbing!

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